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Wall Your Photos LLP (ACRA Unique Entity Number: T09LL1915B) was started to allow its founder, Boon Kee to have a taste of starting a web-based business from home so as to spend more time with his family. The business has evolved and today, we have a shop front to serve you better. 

Although professional digital cameras have become more affordable over the years, the same still cannot be said for home-use photo printers. Home-use professional photo printers' technology has indeed advanced over the years. However, the output from such printers are still not comparable to commercial printers in terms of both colour gamut and print longevity. Commercial printers remain bulky and expensive. This is where we come in.

We understand that printing photos is not another print job. Printing photos is the final act in the image creation process. Before we print your images, we first check them for issues such as sensor dust and hot pixels. We will also discuss with you if the colours do not look right at our end.


We take our time to make your prints. Our prints not only need to look right, they also need to feel right.


That's the Wall Your Photos difference.

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