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panel-sqA good print is a function of the ink and paper. These are essentially the components of a print.


Why is ink important? 


The main reason is print longevity. Surely you want your print to last when you have paid good money for it.


We use the 44-inch HP Designjet Z3200 Photo series printers for your prints. This is a 12-ink (11 colour ink tanks + 1 tank for gloss enhancer) that is capable of producing vibrant and lasting prints.


Please see the following print permanence report from Wilhelm Imaging Research.


The inks in this printer last longer than prints made by competitive printers on the same paper. Please see print permanence report of Canson Infinity Papers printed using different printers by Wilhelm Imaging Research.

Another reason related to ink is the gamut of colours the printer is capable of printing.


Having more ink tanks means less mixing of inks to print the same colour. This means more accurate colours and a wide colour gamut. Printers that are not built to produce a wide gamut of colours typically have fewer than 10 ink tanks.


The gloss enhancer will minimise bronzing (slight metallic bronze appearance on the blacks and dark shadows when viewed from an angle) for prints on glossy and baryta papers. We can print without the use of gloss enhancer on baryta papers to create more depth in the shadows of your image.


We print your images using the Best print quality setting instead of Normal or Fast. Yes, the printer prints slower, but you get the best printout the printer is capable of.


Having a good printer means you get better colour reproduction and better print longevity.

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