icc profiles

Below are the icc profiles of the papers we use. They may not be the actual profile used to make your prints as we make a profile for each roll of paper we use, including different widths of the same paper. 


You can use these to soft-proof how your images will look on the various papers. Note that in order to achieve the outcome of getting more colour accurate prints, you need to do soft-proofing on a regularly calibrated wide gamut monitor. If you are unsure, it is better to soft-proof your images in our shop. 





our printer


how to order

  1. Send us your images here or via online file sharing/transfer services such as dropbox/yousendit/wetransfer
  2. Tell us the print size and paper to be used
  3. We will check the image and get back to you on pricing
  4. Confirm your order and we will inform you when your print will be ready

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