All moments in time by Fong Qi Wei


I have created a series of soothing video animations which are available for purchase (for personal use only), for example as a virtual background for videoconference calls. Every animation is a seamless self-contained loop between 1 to 8 mins long, and they work great as a relaxing yet intriguing backdrop for your meetings, or perhaps as an ambient screen on your home workstation. (Do remember to try different resolutions if you are using it for videoconference background for best results!)

Purchase is for personal use only.

About the Artworks

In the practice of mindfulness, there is a concept of experiencing every moment, and slowly building up an awareness of the whole through attentiveness of each and every moment. 

In this series of animated artworks, which are essentially slowed down versions of the series Time in Motion, I invite you to experience the passage of moments across a landscape. Perhaps understanding that even though all moments are transient, all moments are equally worthy of our respect because they are parts of a larger whole.

Each Time Loop is made manually. I captured every moment across a sunset or sunrise using a digital camera, and manually stitched these moments into Time Paintings. Finally, different sequential time paintings were put together to create a sense of motion- almost imperceptible in some of the works, in the manner of clouds drifting across a sky. 

In the process capturing the passage of time across a sunset, I often felt a sense of flow, where I am fully experiencing the scene before me. It is this experience of total engagement, across different short moments yet part of a longer scene, which I hope you may discover.


Artist biography

I am fascinated with the intersections. Intersections are places where boundaries break down, and these are areas where really interesting things happen. Boundaries are comfortable and static. Intersections are troublesome, but nevertheless worth exploring.

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