Printers and papers

Printers matter. How long your prints lasts is largely a function of the printer and paper used.

We use printers that produce prints that last longer than traditional photographs and share this information with you.

The inks in these printers are rated to outlast traditional photographs by more than 3 times depending on the printer/substrate combination.

Meet our printers: Epson Surecolor P20070 and HP Designjet Z3200PS.

 Epson Surecolor P20070 printer

HP Designjet Z3200PS printer

Both are using pigment inks and have at least 10 ink cartridges. Both printers can print beyond conventional CMYK gamut. The Epson printer can handle media up to 60" wide. 

Prints made using the HP Designjet Z3200 printer can last more than 200 years when framed under glass while prints made using the Epson P20070 print can last more than 100 years. As a comparison, regular photographs can last around 40 years when tested under similar conditions. Please review the print permanence ratings from Wilhelm Imaging Research below.

Canson is a paper mill in France with a long history. Artists over the course of time use their papers to create countless pieces of artwork. Many of these works can be found in renowned museums. 

Canson Logo

The Infinity range is Canson's ink jet media. Many papers in this range are acid-free and free of Optical Brightening Agents.  

Print permanence reports for these printers on Canson Infinity media by Wilhelm Imaging Research can be found here. The inkset used in the Epson Surecolor P20070 is Ultrachrome Pro and has similar permanence ratings as Ultrachrome HDX.

The comparative report for traditional photographs can be found in this report (look for Kodak and Fujifilm permanence ratings)