Flypast Sunset [Video]

Flypast Sunset [Video]

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A magnificent sunset just prior to Singapore’s National Day in 2014. This view was taken from the top of the Pinnacle at Duxton, Singapore’s premiere showcase of public housing. I think that such a view may not be available to most for 2020 in view of the Covid19 crisis. Perhaps you could find that this artwork brings you, for a few minutes, to an elevated view of Singapore.  This video is 6:52min long.

This is part of a series of soothing video animations which are available for purchase (for personal use only), for example as a virtual background for videoconference calls. Every animation is a seamless self-contained loop between 1 to 8 mins long, and they work great as a relaxing yet intriguing backdrop for your meetings, or perhaps as an ambient screen on your home workstation.  (Do remember to try different resolutions if you are using it for videoconference background for best results!)

Or you could simply enjoy the high definition videos at your pleasure, on a large screen, and experience a period of sustained attention or mindfulness.

Each package consists of 2 different resolutions of the same animations, at 720p and 1080p, and a video still at 1920 x 1080 pixels.